Type: Restaurant + Stage Pavilion Series
Location : Shuffle Film Festival, London
Year: 2017
Status: Completed

In the Trees, a series of pavilions designed for the Shuffle Film Festival in Tower Hamlets Park, London. A collaboration between JMDS and Sophia Mitchell.

Conceived as a series of elevated pavilions, In the Trees provided distinct spaces for cinematic projection, dining, bar service, circulation and live entertainment for visitors to the Shuffle Film Festival.

The design for In the Trees worked with the language of the park’s nearby construction materials and the illuminated cinematic screen. Scaffolding was used to elevate the spaces and create beacons for wayfinding across the festival grounds. Mesh scrim was attached to this scaffolding and illuminated from within paying homage to the magic of cinematic projected light. Set against the park’s urban context, this transparent material produced a layering effect whereby visitors felt both a part of the festival and within the surrounding neighborhood and natural contexts. Like a film that is fleeting and illusionistic in nature, the illuminated scrim used light to create volume and the transient material of scaffolding as support.


Installation Design : Jordana Maisie + Sophia Mitchell
Lighting Design : Jordana Maisie + Sophia Mitchell