Type: Condo
Size : 2,255 sqft
Location : Midtown East, New York City
Year : 2019
Status : Completed

Light House, a residential renovation and expansion in Midtown East, New York City.

The combination of three New York City apartments combined into one, allowed JMDS a rare opportunity to capitalize on the site’s multiple daylight exposures. The completed project boasts four bedrooms and three bathrooms.

The challenge: creating a space that doesn’t sequester daylight at the perimeter glazing, but distributes it to the deepest parts of the floorplate. To accomplish this, JMDS carefully selected a variety of finishes that move light through the design.

Beyond surface specifications, mass itself is intentionally broken down. Long spans of wall are punctured by custom clearstory details, allowing light to move through mass, providing illumination beyond.

Venetian plaster, glass, mirror and high gloss tile, adorn the surfaces. The burnished and reflective surfaces fold the New York City skyline and reflections of nearby buildings into the space; creating a bridge between exterior and interior illumination.

Light House is designed to draw light across and through its surfaces to provide illumination at its depths.

The Master Bathroom introduces large surfaces of pale blue and cream, glazed herringbone mosaics. Integrated storage solutions are concealed behind seamless tiled doors.

Solid maple double doors announce the Master Bedroom. The mirror lined walls stop short of the ceiling, intersected by a custom clearstory, with an integrated linear LED detail that creates a soft warm glow at the ceiling.

The Kids Rooms are decorated with playful wallpapers, taking on floral and tropical themes.

The office space is separated from the sleeping quarters by the open plan living and kitchen area. Demarcated by two Crisp RBW wall sconces, the soft pink venetian plastered wall provides a sense of warmth and focus for the user.


Architecture : JMDS
Interior Design : JMDS
Lighting Design : JMDS
General Contractor : Metropolitan Painting & Contracting
Millwork : K&S Construction Renovations