Type : Exhibition Design | Custom Furniture
Location: Museum Sinclair Haus, Frankfurt, Germany
Year : 2021
Status : Completed

Perfect Sleep, custom furniture pieces created for an exhibition at Museum Sinclair Haus, Frankfurt, Germany.

JMDS designed these custom sleep pods for artists: Tega Brain & Sam Lavigne.

Perfect Sleep is an installation & sleep app that examines sleep and rest as a potential geoengineering technology. It creates an ideal sleep, work & leisure schedule for you, gently increasing your sleep time.

Lack of sleep and climate change are both products of the same extractivist capitalist system, where regeneration, rest and natural limits go unvalued.

For this project, the artists commissioned writers @bighedva @reproutopia @wewatchwatchers & @hollyjeanbuck to write dream incubations to aid sleep and seed dreams of a world beyond our own.

Sonic dreamscapes were composed by @luisa_ph

The sleep pods, designed by JMDS, take inspiration from the deck chairs in Thomas Mann’s Magic Mountain and the sleeping pods of tech companies who try to optimize worker rest for productivity.

Thanks to Museum Sinclair Haus, in Hamburg Germany, for commissioning the work which will be on show until Feb 6th, 2022.


Artists : Sam Lavigne & Tega Brain
Furniture / Lighting Design: JMDS
Words : Johanna Hedva, Sophie Lewis, Holly Jean Bruck, WeWatchWatchers
Composer : Luisa Pereira